Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Too Soon

Gosh, a whole spate of lives ending too soon recently. Very sad to lose my cousin Mark at 34, my "uncle" Paul is on his deathbed at a still ripe 68, and friend John Gutierrez at 45 passed just last week. He had a wonderful "life celebration" at his gorgeous studio that he both lived and played in.

He made a gate for me a few years back, just the framework really, to hang wood on. His business was (is) just busting at the seams with work - customizing mansions, restaurants, and businesses - but he sat with me, spending time drawing sketches, working the details. He said, "You know, we don't really do work like this anymore". I said yes John, I'm very grateful. "OK good, now let's build you a kick ass gate". He just couldn't let shoddy work come out of his studio. R.I.P.