Thursday, May 20, 2010

Impoverished, Neglected little bloggie

To you, my neglected leetle blog, from the wordsmith Elizabeth Wordsmith:

The neglected shores of my soul erode
Day after day with the onslaught of demands
Waves crashing with ever increasing intensity
Crying out give to me, give to me

And Mr. R Frost's, In Neglect, says it well:

They leave us so to the way we took, As two in whom them were proved mistaken, That we sit sometimes in the wayside nook, With mischievous, vagrant, seraphic look, And try if we cannot feel forsaken.

But the best comes from Jackie St.Clair, because I know she knows how you're feelin'.  I will make you some toast soon, lil' B...I just have to get through these 12,000 images I'm editing first:

why will no one
play with me
i am as lonely
as can be
i want to go
outside and play
but I'm stuck in here all day
are you almost done with that show
your almost done
yes i know
I'm hungry now
oh wont you please
make me a piece of toast with cheese
i know your busy
i can see
but i am a lonely hungry me
i need new clothes
mine are too small
we could go shopping at the mall
but yes i know our money's spent
to the TV is where it went
am i not the most important thing
into your life that you did bring
i only ask a little love
one small kiss
and one small hug