Sunday, February 1, 2009

Silver Jews in a Cave

Buddy Ry and I down to Nashville for the last show of The Silver Jews - a band we've grown and nodded along with for years. The frontman, David Berman, wanted to quit while he was mostly ahead, among other things, and we wanted to see what a poetic death of a band sounds like from a cave.

So we rolled up to this far out "cabin" at Fall Creek Falls, which turned out to be a crazy mid-century modern dorm or something from years past. And here, livin' it up at the Hotel Tennessee, we stabbed at the air with our steely knives and debated whether Milky Way would indeed be a rodent if candy bars were animals. On to Cumberland Caverns where we entered the burial site, emerging a few hours later with an "aw shucks" and good verse on our dusty shoes. Lotsa nice folks down South.

You can see photos here.