Monday, December 29, 2008

Feeding the Subconscious

Feeling a bit less than tiptop, sore throat and achey, so I've been lazing about - napping, reading, watching movies.  I was reminded of an interview I'd read recently with design guru Phillippe Starck, paraphrased here:  

My creative process can be described as making my mind the printer of my subconscious.  It's the only way to work.  Today, the power of marketing is so strong.  If you work with your consciousness, then you are in the mainstream of thinking.  How can you have a fresh, original idea with this incredible weight on your shoulders?  The subconscious speaks less, but never lies.  Consciousness speaks a lot, but always lies.  To feed your subconscious and creativity, the best thing is to fill it with diversity, sleep, and sex.