Monday, January 1, 2001

The Sharer

"...The surest way for individuals to minimize the risk of not having enough to eat on a bad day was not to save what they gathered or killed on good days for later use by their "own" nuclear family, but to pool and divide the whole harvest among the entire group every day. With few exceptions, hunting and gathering societies throughout history have emphasized sharing and reciprocity. Band-level societies put extraordinary time and energy into establishing norms of sharing. People who share gain status, while individuals who refuse to share are shunned and ostracized."

From "Big Man, Big Heart?: A Mesoamerican View of the Emergence of Complex Society" by Brian Hayden and Rob Gargett.

In an attempt to avoid famine, bad harvests or worse, I pledge to be a better sharer and bring what inspires, perplexes, and entertains me to my fellow hunter gatherers. Forgive my hoarding.