Tuesday, December 13, 2005


So I'm out of food and eating sauerkraut out of the jar, drinking some wine, working on the computer trying to respond to overdue email replies, delaying an overdue photo edit. I'm reminded of talking to my mom on the phone today about investment banking. She's wondering if this Capital One savings account that earns 4% interest is a good deal. I try and help out with the research, and feign knowledge about what's available in the realm of interest savings.

Then she tells me she's proud; "If I had a big chest, it would be busting out right now!". She's been at work, her first day back after Shawn and I's visit for a Pre-Christmas celebration. We went to her holiday party and were excitedly introduced to all of her co-workers and exec's. Today they are telling her what nice boys she has. "You must be so proud, Jan". So I'm thinking of that conversation, and listening to Dwight Yoakam's 'Since I've Been Drinking Again' and a small cough and stutter brings cabbage up my nose. This wakes Earl from his nap and we go into the bathroom and I blow sauerkraut onto the tissue. Other line rings in, it's a wrong number. Yes, Mom, 4% seems like a pretty good deal.